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  1. Posted: September 16 2020

    Today, the Premier of Victoria and the Health Minister flagged changes to Dentistry in metropolitan Melbourne, to apply from September 28th 2020. Excerpts of the statement from earlier today read as follows: “Further changes will also mean an easing of restrictions for dental and allied health services in metropolitan Melbourne during the Second Step, from […]

  2. Posted: September 8 2020

    On Sunday 6th September 2020, the Premier of Victoria and the Chief Health Officer outlined the roadmap out of lockdown, noting that the current Stage 4 restrictions in metro Melbourne will be extended until September 28th 2020. At this stage, we continue to be open for urgent and emergency treatment only. We are awaiting further […]

  3. Posted: August 25 2020

    Terms & Conditions of Entry: GUESS THE NUMBER OF TOOTHPASTE TUBES TO WIN AN ORAL HEALTH PACK COMPETITION Information on how to enter and prizes form part of these Conditions of Entry. Entry is only open to Australian residents who are aged 16 years and older, and who are registered as ‘following’ the official Bay […]

  4. Posted: August 5 2020

    The Premier of Victoria has announced a State of Disaster for Victoria effective as of 6pm on August 2nd 2020 in response to community transmission of Covid19. Melbourne will also enter Stage 4 restrictions in force from 11.59pm on Wednesday 5th August 2020. As of right now, dental care remains essential and a valid reason […]

  5. Posted: July 17 2020

    Due to the increased risk of transmission of COVID-19 in the Metropolitan Melbourne community, Bay Road Dental has tightened back to Level Two Restrictions as of 15/7/20. This is a difficult but necessary decision as recommended by the Victorian Chief Health Officer and the Australian Dental Association Infection Control Committee. While the number of active […]

  6. Posted: May 25 2020

    Dear Patient and Friends of Bay Road Dental Centre, We have great news: We remain OPEN, but now FOR ALL TREATMENTS! Given the progress that Australia has made to ensure COVID-19 has as small an impact as possible on our communities, dental restrictions have been lifted to level 1. Level 1 means we are available […]

  7. Posted: May 13 2020

    LEVEL ONE RESTRICTIONS: National Cabinet has approved a move to Level One restrictions in Dentistry. Most treatments will now be available. Bay Road Dental is working hard to help prioritise your next appointment. Be on the lookout for more updates here soon. We have a new “normal” in place already at our clinic including contactless […]

  8. Posted: April 22 2020

    Restrictions surrounding dental services have recommended to be eased to LEVEL TWO as of April 27th 2020. This means it’s NOT QUITE business as usual just yet, as aerosol producing procedures will still be limited. However we remain AVAILABLE for all urgent and emergency treatment, while prioritising the procedures that have needed to be deferred […]

  9. Posted: April 19 2020

    Bay Road Dental is set up for TELECONFERENCE appointments. If you need to speak to Dr Gary or Dr Nikki via teleconference, you only need a mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer with working audio and microphone settings to access this. Call us on 95983580, and we will set up an appointment time and send […]

  10. Posted: March 27 2020

      Due to the increasing community transmission of COVID-19 and increasing restrictions on daily practices in Australia, dental clinics have been advised to limit the care they provide to treatment for dental emergencies and patients requiring urgent dental treatment only. A description of the conditions that qualify are listed below. What is a dental emergency? […]